Smart Industry Sweden söker nu finansiering till ett nytt intag av både industridoktorander och företag.

For companies

Smart Industry Sweden is an industrial graduate school and an important initiative in meeting Swedish industry’s needs for research excellence, as well as preparing their employees for tomorrow’s specialist positions. It will create valuable networks for the participating companies – both with academia and between the companies. Working together, we can make ourselves ready to strengthen the competitiveness and innovativeness of Swedish industry.

Why an externally employed doctoral student?

The pace of industrial technological development has never been higher. If we are going to keep up and be able to take advantage of the technologies involved in new materials, new processes and digitization, which are advancing rapidly, we will need the requisite skills to do so. The Smart Industry Sweden industrial graduate school will educate an employee to become a specialist during the project period of five years. Your future key individual! The company defines the research problem in collaboration with academia; the only requirement is that it is within one of the smart industry research areas.

An externally employed doctoral student can be a person who acquires the deep knowledge but also has the capacity to contribute to or lead a process of change within the company. The industrial graduate school is thus a unique opportunity for industrial companies undergoing change to develop the right skills to meet the challenges of the future. It is also the entry point to a network between universities and companies, and between companies, providing an opportunity to share in cutting-edge research and gain contacts which can open the way for new collaborations.

Our common business

Smart Industry Sweden’s doctoral education programme not only educates individual employees. It also develops entire companies for smarter industry in Sweden! This programme has close to 250 world-leading researchers associated with the smart industry concept. Within the school, you will get to know other companies that can lead to new customer contacts and joint product development or research projects.

Kristina Säfsten, Jönköping School of Engineering (in Swedish)

Who can apply?

Smart Industry Sweden is a five year programme that targets professionals working in industrial development. Students may be current employees of the company, or a new recruit. The programme is studied at 80 per cent of full-time and leads to a PhD (doctoral degree). Participants should have at least three years of work experience and qualify for admission. The latter normally means that the person holds a Master’s degree in engineering, but equivalent competence may be deemed sufficient.

Responsibilities and undertakings

Smart Industry Sweden is financed by the companies, the five universities and the Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen). The companies are responsible for the doctoral student’s employment and salary. Salary contributions from the industrial graduate school amount to SEK 150,000 per year for five years.

The companies must also ensure that the student can allocate the time needed to complete the programme, and that they can provide the right conditions for the supervisor appointed by the company, participate in the project’s reference group, and monitor progress. The universities are responsible for administration, course development, seminars, examinations and academic supervision.

Please contact one of our universities or complete the registration form.